It’s my Party is a thesis on displays of emotion, female hysteria and tears, written in the graduating year at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and nominated for the Thesis Prize 2020.

“Thrillingly – and wholly appropriately – employing a defiant tone from the start, Allakhverdyan’s thesis addresses the social stigma attached to crying in public, in the field of cultural production in particular. Placed within the historical context of the female hysteria, the attitude to such overt displays of emotion is revealed to be intricately bound up with stilted conceptions of productivity and the erotic. Like the works of Margery Kempe, the fascinating fifteenth-century mystic, and Chris Kraus, the thesis has a strong autobiographical slant, progressing from the author’s teens to the present and pointing to the future. These intimate autobiographical scenes draw on the power and deep resonance of revelation, and give the theoretical reflections a locus in the body – as Allakhverdyan emphasises, the text is an exhortation as much as an argument.”
– Louis Luthï

Designed in collaboration with Steinarr Ingólfsson.